• Your separation, divorce, or parenting conflict is a private matter that is best resolved by the two of you.
  • Your sensitive personal and/or financial information is kept confidential.
  • You may not need to go to court.
  • ¬†While mediation is not quick or easy, it is generally the most effective and efficient way to resolve your dispute.
  • A mediated divorce will generally cost four figures, compared to five figures for an attorney negotiated divorce, or six figures for a litigated divorce.
  • As your mediator, I make no decisions for you.¬† You make your own decisions.
  • I do not impose my personal views or professional opinions on you or your family.
  • I do not criticize you or judge you.
  • You have the final say about what happens to your family and your finances.
  • You construct an agreement that is acceptable to both of you, and that supports each of you in moving forward.
  • You strengthen your ability to resolve any future disagreements on your own.