Mediation Process

Getting Started

  • Call me to discuss whether mediation is appropriate for you.  There is no charge to either of you for the initial phone call.
  • If we decide to work together, we will schedule an initial mediation session.  Both people must be present at the session.  Future sessions will be scheduled by agreement, as needed.  You are free to leave the process at any time.
  • I do not charge a retainer. Fees for each session will be due at the end of the session.
  • If this is a legal separation or divorce mediation, I will ask you to complete the budget and financial disclosure forms and provide requested documentation, including tax returns.

As your mediator, I will:

  • Facilitate your discussion of all of the issues that need to be addressed.
  • Help you generate your own solutions.  I will not tell you what to do or make any decisions for you.
  • Encourage you to make sure that your decisions are well-informed, but I will not be giving you legal, financial, or parenting advice.  You are free to consult independently with attorneys, therapists, accountants, or other professionals.
  • If strong emotions arise, or if you have difficulty communicating effectively, I will help you keep your mediation productive, but I will not be providing you with counseling or therapy.

When you reach an agreement, I will:

  • Prepare a written Memorandum of Understanding that will contain in plain English everything you have agreed to and why.
  • If this is a legal separation or divorce mediation, I will recommend that you each review the agreement with your own attorneys.  When you are ready, I will refer you to a neutral attorney who will use the Memorandum of Understanding to draft your legal Separation Agreement or Stipulation of Settlement and file your divorce.

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