Why Mediate?

Choosing mediation is one of the best things you can do to protect your emotional and financial well-being during a separation, divorce, or parenting conflict.

If you have children… 

Conflict between parents hurts kids.  In mediation, you work together to resolve contentious issues and minimize your children’s exposure to the conflict.  Mediation strengthens your ability to work together as co-parents, so that you are better able to resolve future differences on your own.

“The use of alternative dispute resolution processes should be utilized in matrimonial matters, particularly those involving children. The Commission concludes that, when used appropriately, [alternative dispute resolution], particularly mediation, is an effective means of reducing the delay, expense and trauma to children often experienced during divorce.”

Matrimonial Commission
Report to the Chief Judge of the State of New York, 2006

If money is an issue… 

Most people who are separating or divorcing are suddenly faced with a host of unexpected financial challenges.  In mediation, the two of you make your own decisions about how best to address those challenges, given your incomes, lifestyles, retirement needs, tax situations, and long-term goals.  When you choose mediation, you are also protecting yourselves from excessive divorce-related expenses.

If you want to move on…

Mediation is generally the fastest, least expensive, and least painful way to complete your divorce.  Choosing mediation helps you end your marriage with dignity and begin your new life.

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